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Cordell Briggs


Ana is hard working and is truly an asset to any company that she works at. She’s a teamplayer and always brings with her an infectious great mood. You’d be very lucky as a company to hire her as fresh talent. 👍🏻

Ana has extraordinary passion for visual effects, for visual storytelling, and for the work of all artists. As a Compositor, she has a well developed eye for details and colour, which first became evident to me with her Ethereal Effects shot at Lost Boys. But I think Ana's greatest strengths are her courage, her dedication to self-improvement, and her motivation to help other artists. She has worked in Canada, Australia, and Brazil, adapting to completely different environments despite all of the challenges that encompasses. Whenever there were educational events for VFX Artists, I always ran into a happy and excited Ana, who clearly felt inspired by every talk. She works hard to translate articles, to share her story, and to write about what she has learned for others to benefit from. Ana has excellent people skills and the ability to bring positive energy to any room. In the collaborative world of VFX, we need more people like Ana.

Andrew Zeller

Compositing Instructor & VFX Artist

Lívia Nunes

Lead Compositor

During the time I worked with Ana Luiza at Mill Film she displayed great enthusiasm for her work, the ability to adapt gracefully to stressful situations and the capacity to handle well her responsibilities using quick thinking, good communication and problem-solving. She's a very friendly person who is a delight to work with.

Christiano Brandão


I’ve had the pleasure to work with Ana on the same Feature Film at Mill Film Technicolor. She is a very talented Digital Compositor. She has great artistic skills which helps with her shots. I’ve had the chance to see her working on one of the most overwhelming shots of the production and she did beautifully. She is a great teammate and very friendly.

Luciana Fintelmam

Compositing Supervisor

I've worked with Ana Luiza at Conspiração Filmes for 9 months in many projects for TV and Films. She was able to quickly deliver demanding paint/roto/compositing jobs to the highest standards. She always remained friendly and pleasant to work with, and dealt very well with feedback. I would happily work with Ana again, and without any doubt recommend her as a valuable asset to any compositing team.

Raphael Argento

VFX Instructor

Ana was my student while I was a VFX professor at ESPM. During the classes she was a very responsible student and dedicated professional with a keen eye on her compositing assignments. With an obstinate passion for VFX, she always tried to improve her works focusing on the industry. She was always one step ahead of her classmates, researching and going deeper into the details that could improve her work in a technical and aesthetical way. I am pretty sure she is a valuable addition to any team and will be a very successful VFX professional.

Thiago Pires

VFX Supervisor

Ana is a very talented and fast learning artist. It was impressive to see her development during the time she worked at Conspiração Filmes. She was very professional, focused and efficient. She became a key member of our compositing team for delivering quality shots in a very fast-paced environment.

Victor Paschoal


Ana is a great professional, very focused and always willing to learn. The best thing about her is how she is always giving everything she has to deliver the best work possible, and to be the best professional in the room. Her passion for visual effects is what moves her forward and there's no doubt she has a great talent for VFX and is just getting better and better at each project.

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